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Minitrike rentals


Renting a minitrike

Here at Airges we wanted to make renting minitrikes as easy as possible. Minitrikes are very fun and we hope you get to rent from us. Before renting, it is important to remeber that caution should be taken with minitrikes. Although they are fun, they can be very darngerious if not operated corectly. If safety messures are met then you are ready to rent a minitrike. To rent a minitrike, follow this simple guide below to begin.

How to rent a minitrike

  1. Give us a call at 805-926-3406 to pick out a minitrike
  2. Find out the hours we allow renting aslong as the price
  3. When the order is complete, print out a receipt for proof of purchase
  4. Swing by and pick up your minitrike! (Please be sure to bring receipt)
  5. After renting hours are spent, please return in good condition


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