Airges Rental Inc.

Aviation and minitrike rentals.

About Us

I am an individual who loves minitrikes and aviation. I grew up in my home town San Luis Obispo. When I was a kid, my parent gave me a minitrike as present for my birthday. I fell in love them with them. It was a dream from that day forward, to own a company that allows anybody to rent immunities and other forms of aviation that we offer. We started our company in Reno Nevada. This dream seemed impossible but with all the support that my friends and family gave me, I made it a reality. Finally, we were able to afford the advertising for our company to make it what it is today. I strive to become one of the best minitrike rentals in the United States. With out great community of fellow lovers of aviation, that dream is coming faster than we expect.

Thanks - Raymond Jones

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Features of Airges include

  • Renting minitrikes
  • Renting small aviation
  • Repairing minitrikes
  • Repairing most small aviation
  • Free tech support
  • A frequently updated blog

Features to come

  • Exclusive membership
  • New minitrike parts
  • Minitrike shirts